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Projekty UE

In 2020, the company signed an agreement with the National Center for Research and Development for the implementation of the SHARE project - an encrypted platform for virtual workspaces. The subject of the project is to conduct research and development works in the field of innovative data, document and user protection technology in the form of an encrypted virtual workspace platform called SECUDO SHARE. The platform enables the storage and sharing of large amounts of data and documents with authorized users while working remotely, during complex projects or transactions. The SECUDO SHARE platform is dedicated to the following sectors: financial, public administration, medical, pharmaceutical, real estate, as well as research units, listed companies, private equity and venture capital funds and all companies that need secure software for cooperation in conditions of remote work . The project will contribute to the expansion of the Applicant's operations by introducing the first innovative SECUDO SHARE product on the Polish market. Thanks to the implementation of the project, Dealdone Sp. z o. o. will be able to expand the group of recipients of its products, increase the scale of operations and improve its competitiveness both on the domestic market and on a global scale. The implementation of the project will allow the micro-enterprise to gain further experience in the field of research and development and to effectively design software functionalities that, in the conditions of a pandemic and the need to work remotely, can help ensure business continuity as well as comfortable and effective conditions for work and cooperation in a virtual space. 

Project co-financing value: 2 486 750.00 PLN.



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