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In 2021, DealDone became a partner of the Sandbox Let's Fintech program of PKO BP. Sandbox is the result of cooperation between PKO Bank Polski, KIR, IBM, Chmura Krajowa and Fintech Poland. Sandbox is a safe and efficient test environment for startups that want to develop their products and services in blockchain technology. This partnership is part of the DealDone strategy and the SHARE project implemented with the NCBiR co-financing.

In 2020, the Company successfully submitted an application under the "Fast Track" program and received funding from the National Center for Research and Development for the implementation of the "SHARE - encrypted platform for virtual workspaces" project. Thanks to the implementation of the project, the Company intends to extend the SECUDO solution with new functionalities, thanks to which it will create a complete tool for remote work - SECUDO SHARE.

PKO BP sandbox

In 2017, DealDone became an authorized EMEA partner of BlackBerry, a world leader in digital solutions for data and document security, productivity and confidential enterprise communications. The company, apart from offering its own proprietary VDR SECUDO, cooperates with BlackBerry in projects based on the following solutions: BlackBerry Workspaces, BlackBerry UEM and BBM Enterprise.


In 2017, DealDone became a signatory of the Diversity Charter, a program coordinated by the Responsible Business Forum. We are on the list of entities that have successfully undergone evaluation in the field of corporate social responsibility and we undergo appropriate verification every year. In 2021, DealDone, as a FOB partner company, participated in the preparation of the report: " Business obligations to the environment. The voice of managers of companies operating in Poland".

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