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Reporting to regulators


The requirements of regulators and auditors constitute a growing challenge for any organization. Preparation of complete and relevant data and documents, effective delivery of structured documentation, cooperation with an auditor or regulator, granting rights to data and documents at various levels, monitoring of information provided, and activity and work on documents require a solution.

VDR SECUDO allows for efficient preparation of appropriate documentation in accordance with the auditor's expectations, quick placement and sharing of documents in the system for selected people, cooperation in defined groups and work on documents with monitoring of individual areas, tasks and activities.

The history of cooperation with the auditor, documents and actions taken by the auditor can be stored in VDR SECUDO or saved for restoration. The possibility of archiving the project and the offered "VDR SECUDO White Book" constitute a backup that the company can restore during subsequent annual or semi-annual audits.

VDR SECUDO allows for effective work between various teams in the company and the auditor. The intuitive and fast interface, available 24/7 from anywhere in the world, creates ideal conditions for working in the office and remotely. Above-average security, data and document encryption at a level comparable to banking solutions, functionalities for dedicated work of audit projects are just some of the amenities during project management at VDR SECUDO.

Due diligence
Badania i rozwój

Research and development

R&D projects usually involve the development of data and documents that constitute a business secret and create a competitive advantage for a given company. R&D projects usually involve interdisciplinary, often international teams that bring together specialists from outside and outside the organization.

Safe and confidential communication and controlled sharing of data and documents in research and development projects is one of the key aspects, thanks to which the results of work will be properly protected and prepared for possible patent protection.

VDR SECUDO enables conducting research and development projects, ensuring adequate security of information and data transmission and enabling multi-level user authorizations. The system ensures joint work, work in subgroups and many useful functionalities for the proper protection of business secrets, industrial research, development and pre-implementation works.

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Due diligence

Due diligence is a comprehensive and detailed examination of the company's condition, which is usually commissioned by an external investor interested in buying a company or investing in a given project. He wants to check whether the company or project is in the condition described by the other party.

This research covers the entire enterprise or project and is usually performed by external specialists in specific areas, such as:


  • financial,

  • operating,

  • legal,

  • tax,

  • technological,

  • environmental.


The main purpose of conducting due diligence is to gather comprehensive information necessary for the valuation of the company's value or project evaluation and identification of factors having a significant impact on it.

Due diligence always involves sharing confidential information with a third party. Therefore, it is worth making sure that the sharing of data as part of due diligence is prepared in a safe and proper manner.


VDR SECUDO enables proper and efficient preparation for sharing data and documents as part of due diligence. The system ensures quick launch of the project, proper preparation of documents, granting appropriate permissions for selected groups of users and full control over the information provided and activities undertaken by users.

VDR SECUDO also allows you to make available different sets of documents for individual groups carrying out due diligence.

The security of the solution and appropriate encryption of documentation minimize the risk of leakage of documents from due diligence into the wrong hands.

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Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are complex processes that require extensive knowledge and experience. For an entrepreneur, it is often the only transaction in his life in which he sells a company that has been established over the years.


For a PE / VC fund, it is a professional exit from an investment, the purpose of which is to maximize the return on a transaction or to start a new investment, requiring a thorough examination of the condition of the acquired asset.


M&A processes are situations in which Virtual Data Room solutions are most often used so far. VDR SECUDO provides many facilities in this area for sellers, buyers and their advisers. Speed of action, security of shared data, efficiency of the transaction process through Q&A tools or monitoring of user activity, and thus their transaction motivation, are just some of the SECUDO VDR elements that support our customers and users on a daily basis.

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Business restructuring is usually a complicated and complex process. Investigating the condition of the Company, developing a restructuring plan, negotiating with creditors or cooperating with a court supervisor or trustee are possible restructuring stages that require efficient disclosure and verification of many documents.


This usually takes place among banks, bondholders, financial advisors, law firms and other entities involved in the process of repairing the company's condition.

Such processes can take place in an environment that enables fast, secure transfer of information, verification of the presented data and proposed solutions, as well as the possibility of efficient decision making.


VDR SECUDO is perfect for this type of project. Working in groups, safe data sharing, speed of work are just some of the advantages affecting the efficiency of work in restructuring processes.

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The process of obtaining financing is one of the most famous activities in the field of finance. Most companies use bank loans, some receive financing through bond issues or other forms of financing, such as loans or mezzanine financing.

In the case of larger transactions requiring the involvement of internal financial services, advisors, law firms, banks or investors, it is worth carrying out such a process in the Virtual Data Room. Sharing financial data or financial forecasts, working on loan documentation, preparing an information memorandum or bond prospectus are selected processes that can run much more efficiently in VDR.

In VDR SECUDO you will prepare the process of obtaining financing or refinancing for your company. Professionally, quickly, safely and effectively.


Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Initial Public Offering (IPO), Secondary Public Offering (SPO), Issue of Public Bonds or a Tender Offer are selected strategic transactions on the capital market that require the company's cooperation and communication with many advisers, regulators and investors.


Projects of this type on the capital market use the Virtual Data Room. VDR SECUDO is exceptionally prepared for this type of transaction and has supported selected projects on European capital markets.


Capital market projects implemented in VDR SECUDO provide the company and advisors with fast and efficient communication, versioning of documents (eg subsequent versions of the prospectus), the possibility of controlled disclosure of offer documents to analysts and institutional investors, efficient cooperation with IR / PR agencies and full control over the course of the transaction.

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Rynek giełdowy

Board communication

Communications by senior management (board, senior management) and the supervisory board often require confidentiality regarding documents, data and strategic decisions that the entire organization should not be aware of.


Separating such communication outside the organization is in many cases necessary due to the risk of leakage of strategic data stored in the company's infrastructure. In this regard, VDR SECUDO offers the possibility of establishing a portal for selected managers who receive access to a separate, secured space.


The portal for the management board enables secure, confidential communication and transmission of data and strategic information between authorized users. The portal allows you to add data and documents, grant appropriate permissions to specific groups or users, as well as the ability to collaborate and comment on data and documents. In this case, SECUDO VDR is separated outside the company's technical infrastructure and available remotely in a secured cloud environment.

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Intellectual property


Companies for which intellectual property rights are a valuable resource should take particular care to implement a management system for them. This requires consideration of intellectual property protection in many management processes, appropriate division of powers, organizational structures, procedures and tools.

VDR SECUDO allows for the effective implementation of an intellectual property management system in the company. It is worth considering such implementations, especially in companies conducting research and development projects, and the effects of the work of these projects may contribute to a rapid increase in the company's value.


VDR SECUDO is a system enabling the integration of regulations, policies, procedures and organizational structure prepared for the protection of intellectual property and the proper reflection of dependencies, rights and security rules in the system. Correct implementation of SECUDO VDR to protect intellectual property minimizes the risk of leakage, theft or unlawful use of sensitive data.

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Trade SecretProtection

Many companies believe that one of the key elements of their business is to protect trade secrets from unauthorized, intentional or accidental disclosure, both inside and outside the company.


Therefore, each employee gains access only to such information that is necessary for him to perform his job duties. However, there is still no guarantee that the data provided will not be misused.


The Virtual Data Room SECUDO system meets this need. Advanced functionalities of the VDR solution make it easier for employees to gain access only to the necessary documents and at the level of permissions authorized by the employer.

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Reporting to

investors / regulators

The public and private market is based on an increasing number of regulations that apply to individual industries and enterprises in different ways. It is worth ensuring that communication with the regulator takes place in an orderly, secure and confidential manner. This also applies to situations where the company has acquired an investor in the form of a VC fund, PE fund or other private capital, e.g. business angels or crowdfunding.

VDR SECUDO enables the preparation of a portal for investors or regulators, where the required information can be submitted and reported, eg financial results, periodic reports or other data. The portal allows you to invite selected users, grant them rights to selected data and documents, as well as full control and monitoring of these data and user activity.

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