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Virtual Data Room - FAQ

  • How fast does Virtual Data Room Secudo start up?
    From the moment the contract is signed (initially a scan is enough), we start the project within a few minutes.
  • Is technical support offered when working with VDR Secudo?
    The efficient implementation of each project is supervised by a dedicated Customer Manager, who can be contacted at every stage of the project by e-mail and telephone. Depending on the chosen version of the system, 24/7 support is possible.
  • Can I use the test version of the SECUDO VDR solution?
    Before making a decision, each potential customer can use the free, trial version of the SECUDO VDR system for 7 days or longer if needed.
  • Can I grant users read-only access to documentation?
    Yes. Virtual Data Room SECUDO has advanced 8-step file permissions: upload file, download original, download PDF, print file, download encrypted PDF, view file, SPY VIEW (restricted view), no file access.
  • Is it possible to upload the entire document structure to the VDr Secudo  system?
    The system allows you to upload the full document structure using the Drag & Drop function.
  • Does VDR Secudo  automatically indexes documents?
    The system automatically gives indexes for documents, while the client can turn this off at any stage of the project.
  • What document formats can be uploaded to the Secudo VDR system?
    Virtual Data Room Secudo guarantees support for a wide range of over 40 different file formats, e.g. PDF, XLS, XLSX, XLTX, XLSM, CSV, ODS, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, ODT, PPT, PPTX, GIF, JPEG , PNG, VSD, DWG, XPS, XPS.
  • Is the system available globally, around the clock? "
    The SECUDO VDR system is available globally, around the clock. Availability (SLA) is 99.95%.
  • How many languages is VDR Secudo available in?
    The system currently has 5 language versions: Polish, English, Czech, French and German.
  • Can a user be granted temporary access to the Secudo system?
    Each user can restrict access to the system until a specific date. Moreover, at each stage of the project implementation, it is possible to deactivate and reactivate the user.
  • Is it possible to upload more than 1 GB of documents in the START version VDR Secudo?
    There is no data upload limit in any rate plan. For each pricing plan, we have an attractive offer for each additional 1 GB of data uploaded.
  • Do documents in the VDR Secudo system have a watermark?
    Each document uploaded to the system receives an automatic and dynamic watermark. It consists of: name and surname of the user, his e-mail address, IP address, project name, date and time, special text that can be entered by the project administrator, e.g. Don't copy. The administrator can change the color, font, font size, transparency and the content of the watermark.
  • Does VDR Secudo  have the option to enable two-factor authentication?
    Two-factor authentication (2FA) can be enabled in any data room. This means that logging in will take place not only with the login and password, but also with the use of a one-time code sent via SMS.
  • Is it necessary to download additional plugins to use the Secudo  VDR system? "
    You don't need to download any additional plugins to use VDR Secudo.
  • Can I receive notifications about new documents from the Secudo VDR system?
    Each system user can enable e-mail notifications about new documents in the system and about new questions in the Q&A section.
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