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World-class functionalities



  • Support for over 40 file formats

  • Drag & Drop upload

  • Transferring large files

  • Automatic document indexing

  • Automatic page counting and document sizes

  • Merge documents

  • File versioning

  • Advanced search mechanisms (FTS, OCR)

  • Advanced document sorting mechanisms

  • Marking Documents As "Favorites"

  • Marking new documents in the system

  • Advanced document viewer

  • Downloading encrypted documents



  • Division into roles in the system

  • Multilevel user rights

  • Account registration in 5 languages, including Polish

  • Email alerts tailored to the needs of users

  • Create groups

  • Creating collaborative groups

  • Collaboration in the question and answer forum

  • Private and group notes

  • Inviting multiple users at the same time

  • Managing roles and groups of users

  • Temporary restriction of access

  • User avatars in the system and in the Q&A forum

  • Detailed user activity reports


  • Q&A forum

  • Email notifications about user activities

  • The ability to make notes / comments

  • Share a link to the file

  • Download history of questions and answers

  • Graphical forum support

  • 3 statuses of questions and answers

  • 4 filters for the status of the question and answer thread


  • User activity tracking

  • Advanced reports on user activities in real time

  • Possibility to generate reports in Excel

  • Keep track of the most popular Q&A documents and threads

  • Monitoring the time of work with the document


  • System color change

  • Change the logo, screen background and login panel background

  • Change the colors and size of the watermarks

  • Change of the Privacy Policy

  • Changing the content of invitations to the system

  • Possibility of implementation on client's servers and system personalization (White Label)


  • Intuitiveness

  • Speed of action

  • There is no need to install additional plugins

  • The interface is available in 5 languages, including Polish

  • Software for Windows and MAC

  • Software for the most popular web browsers


Transfer documents securely, manage folders and subfolders. Use drag and drop for documents in over 40 file formats.

In SECUDO VDR you can mark documents, upload a new version of a document, and even additionally encrypt documents.


Log in securely to the system using an e-mail and a special password or use two-factor authentication.

Choose from multiple languages ​​in the login panel. For your comfort.

Have you forgotten your password? Don't worry, we have procedures for these situations.

Zarządzanie dokumentami

Invite users to VDR quickly and efficiently.

Create groups, set permissions and access levels. Track detailed user activity.

Comment, take notes and collaborate.

Intuitive user management will make your transaction easier.


Collaborate in the Q&A forum.

Ask questions, get answers. Safe and under control.

Track detailed user activity in the Q&A section. Download a Q&A history.


Track user activity on files and even time spent working with documents.

Export all VDR activities to an Excel file.

Receive notifications whenever you want.


Customize the data room with your company's logo and colors.

Configure project start and end dates and regulations. Everything for your safety and comfort.

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