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  • Bartłomiej Dmitruk

Business Continuity Plan supported by Virtual Data Room SECUDO

Today, businesses and organizations rely heavily on digital technology. This means that threats to the infrastructure and related processes are also threats to the entire company. They can be, for example, infrastructure failures, cyber attacks or natural disasters, all leading to real losses. The way to minimize them is the Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

The Business Continuity Plan allows you to efficiently respond to crisis situations. Based on the identification of key processes for the organization and predictions of possible threats, it determines actions aimed at minimizing losses. At the same time, it is an opportunity to assess the quality of security and the procedures existing in the company, thanks to which the organization gains better insight into itself.

The Russo-Ukrainian war in 2022 suddenly hit our lives and fundamentally changed them, forcing us to adapt to new conditions. Many companies in the CEE region and global companies operating in this region must take measures to ensure business continuity, often under critical conditions that they have never experienced before.

This particularly affected Ukrainian and international companies operating in Ukraine. More and more entrepreneurs from Ukraine move their businesses to Poland, and this process is extremely difficult and painful in the face of the war. Starting with taking care of the physical safety of employees and their families, through establishing a company and preparing for operations in the new legislation, ensuring financial liquidity, transferring resources and processes to a new country, and ending with systems and documentation of the conducted activity.

War is a crisis scenario that no company is fully prepared for. The success of going concern in a new country depends on a number of factors that are often beyond the control of the owners or employees. However, it is worth doing everything in order to prepare for it as quickly as possible.

VDR SECUDO – company resources in one place

In conversations with entrepreneurs from Ukraine or with entrepreneurs after other crisis situations, we see how important it is to locate company resources in a remote environment, which can be accessed by employees and partners from anywhere and 24/7. Such a work environment is Virtual Data Room SECUDO, which is used by many Polish and foreign companies.

The efficient transfer of data and documents to VDR SECUDO is the first step towards rebuilding company resources and developing a business continuation plan. It is extremely helpful in working with teams, advisers and setting up the whole organization "anew".

Easy and fast organization of data and documents

With SECUDO's Virtual Data Room, you can quickly and efficiently organize and share all your company's confidential data, including finances, reports, legal documents, intellectual property rights and more. Easy data and document upload, advanced document encryption and professional viewers enable work in many document formats and the possibility of effective data organization.

In this way, all company data will be securely stored in the SECUDO VDR space for use and sharing as well as for collaborative work.

Flexibility and availability

When all the files are in the VDR SECUDO digital space, you can move to work with them. VDR SECUDO is an invaluable tool when analyzing business continuity plan scenarios, archiving and due diligence of data after a critical scenario such as war, and in preparation for launching operations in a new country. VDR SECUDO is a natural environment for fundraising, M&A transactions and financial transactions on the capital market. You can invite various groups of stakeholders as users to the VDR SECUDO space and share data and documents with them in a secure manner for the needs of various projects.

VDR SECUDO is a SaaS platform for remote work in the cloud, thanks to which you, your employees and potential customers can access information anywhere and anytime from many business or private devices.

Security and data protection

As SECUDO's VDR handles the most sensitive data, security is our top priority. Data and documents are always properly encrypted, secured, among others dynamic watermark and made available in specially prepared viewers. In addition, the system provides two-level user authentication and a permission matrix that allows you to assign appropriate permissions to a project, folder or file. The system enables the preparation of various groups and roles in the project that may not be able to see each other on the project. Every activity in VDR SECUDO is monitored and deposited in the blockchain network. A specially prepared durable medium meets the most demanding safety standards and allows you to check and analyze the activity or data in the project.

Collaboration and work-flow

VDR SECUDO has been equipped with additional tools for communication and collaborative work. Advanced Q&A allows you to work in groups on documents, and the implemented work-flow allows you to effectively manage the project, its schedule and tasks. In addition, communication in the system is based on chat and soon on end-to-end encrypted videoconferencing. Ultimately, VDR SECUDO will be equipped with an electronic signature, enabling the conclusion of contracts and signing documents in the system.


VDR SECUDO is a tool that can effectively support crisis situations in a company, including Business Continuity Plans. Digitization of documents, their organization, completeness, security and availability for employees and partners are crucial for the functioning of the company in an extraordinary scenario such as war, cataclysm or other random events.

About us

DealDone is a specialized company that offers high-quality products in the field of information and data security. The DealDone team consists of people with many years of international experience in investment banking, investor relations, technology and cybersecurity. We offer services and software in the field of modern technologies for the circulation of confidential information, classified information, sensitive data and digitization, security, encryption and sharing of data and documents inside and outside the organization.

DealDone independently developed and introduced for sale the Virtual Data Room SECUDO solution. VDR SECUDO is a platform for secure exchange and processing of confidential information offered in the Software-as-a-Service model for business clients, in the form of virtual data rooms.


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