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  • Bartłomiej Dmitruk

Communication confidentiality of the Management and Supervisory Board - VDR SECUDO as a Board Room

Strategic discussions and decisions require adequate confidentiality and security

More and more often we hear about the leakage of key company data, constituting a trade secret, intellectual value or competitive advantage. It is important to ensure that key information, data and decisions are discussed and taken with due care, confidentiality and security.

More and more often, management boards and supervisory boards of companies decide to use tools for confidential communication outside the company's IT infrastructure, in order to be sure that only authorized persons have access to the most confidential data.

In the USA and Western Europe, the "Board Room" service has been operating for many years, i.e. a platform enabling safe and confidential communication for the so-called C-Level Executives, i.e. key management staff in the company.

The Board Room is usually a service in an appropriately secured cloud, which can be accessed by selected people who can exchange documents, data and views using the portal and make strategic decisions about the company on this basis.

Virtual Data Room SECUDO as a modern Board Room for the for key management personnel

VDR SECUDO is a platform for secure and confidential communication, sharing data and documents with extensive functionalities of granting permissions, creating groups and monitoring all activities in the system.

SECUDO enables the creation of groups such as the Management Board, Supervisory Board, key managers or external advisors and communication management both within and between groups.

Documents sent to SECUDO can be secured in such a way that they cannot be downloaded and forwarded to unauthorized persons. Appropriate encryption, special viewers, dynamic watermarks or access from devices with a clearly defined IP address are just some of the security measures and amenities that ensure the confidentiality and security of data and information shared in the system.

SECUDO is also a possibility to implement a workflow, soon a videoconference, electronic signature and a durable medium that will guarantee additional functionalities facilitating remote work for the Management Board or Supervisory Board.

If you are considering moving strategic discussions and decisions to a safe place, it is worth using a proven solution, which is SECUDO's Virtual Data Room. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our solutions and cooperation.


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