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Q&A functionality in Virtual Data Room SECUDO - what is it used for and why is it important?

What is Q&A in the due diligence process?

During an M&A transaction or investment process, buyers/investors want to know every detail about the company or asset they are potentially acquiring. The examination of the company or asset, professionally known as the due diligence process, is essential for a proper valuation and for the final investment decision.

Q&A is the functionality to ask, answer and discuss questions about a project or transaction in the Virtual Data Room. The Q&A process gives buyers, analysts and subject matter experts the opportunity to exchange and work through questions and answers. This exchange of information ensures that all necessary documents are provided, doubts are clarified and ultimately the data and information provided is understood by potential investors or buyers. Q&A is therefore considered a critical area in the due diligence process.

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Q&A in Virtual Data Room SECUDO - professional communication during the due diligence process

The Q&A functionality in SECUDO's Virtual Data Room provides the opportunity for professional, secure communication and information exchange within a project or due diligence process. It has numerous advantages over email or instant messaging, such as security, confidentiality, full control and monitoring of the Q&A process within the VDR.

Many advisers point out that very often Q&A is conducted outside the Virtual Data Room (e.g. in email correspondence or in the form of Excel files), which can significantly compromise the security and confidentiality of the process and proper project management.

The main advantages of Q&A in VDR SECUDO include:

  • Seamless communication and interaction between users on the project. Q&A messages appear within the project in real time. Everyone involved receives instant notifications of new information. This ensures that teams are always in touch and respond in a timely manner.

  • Transparency and completeness of transactional data. Discussing document issues in Q&A ensures that all data analysis is conducted in one place. Other communication tools can make correspondence chaotic and incomplete. Conversely, the VDR offers not only structured files, but also all discussions about them. That is, with a single click, the user can view all postings about a particular document or issue.

  • Greater focus on potential buyers. Buyers interested in a deal take an active part in discussions trying to get information about the organisation. By tracking their high level of activity on the platform, VDR administrators know with whom to build communication for further collaboration.

  • The ability to manage Q&A in all aspects. As we know, all activities in the VDR are subject to pre-configured settings concerning the user, the groups to which he or she belongs and document permissions. The same applies to Q&A. Administrators decide who has access to Q&A and define which documents users can discuss, which questions to ask and who has the permissions to do so. In addition, the role of Moderator is available in VDR SECUDO, who can manage the entire Q&A discussion within individual groups and threads in Q&A.

  • Adequate security. Email and other external communication tools pose additional risks to users and the project as a whole in terms of security and confidentiality of transmitted data and documents. Therefore, the best choice is Q&A communication, which is adequately secured and subject to constant monitoring by the VDR provider.

Q&A functionalities in Virtual Data Room SECUDO

Q&A in SECUDO's Virtual Data Room is an advanced functionality available for all projects. Q&A includes, among other things:

  • the ability to create Q&A groups that do not see each other (e.g. individual buyers) and have independent discussions within a given VDR project;

  • the ability to limit the number of questions per project, disciplining the sales process and greatly facilitating the work of the seller's advisors;

  • Possibility to select the recipient of the question and related persons (to be informed);

  • choice of subject/title of the question;

  • possibility to prioritise the question;

  • possibility to define and select the category of the question (e.g. financial / legal / environmental);

  • ability to attach a file from the VDR and an additional external file to which the question or answer relates within the Q&A;

  • possibility of advanced search within Q&A;

  • ability to generate a Q&A report according to specified parameters (e.g. dates, groups, categories, users);

  • ability to archive Q&A during and at the end of the project in the VDR.

Why is the Virtual Data Room Q&A such an essential part of the project or transaction process?

Communication carried out in the familiarity of the Q&A functionality within the Virtual Data Room has a number of significant advantages over external communication. These are described in the sections above. This is particularly important in the event of disputes over a particular transaction, due diligence or valuation. The seller and its advisors have the ability in such situations to reconstruct the history of the correspondence and its contents in case of eventual litigation and potential claims.

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