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Review of a company's strategic options using SECUDO's Virtual Data Room

Increasingly, selected listed companies are announcing a strategic options review. Strategic planning is a very important part of running a successful business in the medium to long term.

What is a strategic options review?

Responding to changes in a company's environment requires an organisation to adapt to changing market conditions. Depending on the nature of the changes, their scale and nature, the effects may appear in the short, medium or long term. Because of the significant costs and expenditures often accompanying strategic change, companies generally plan for it well in advance, preceded by a review of available strategic options.

The purpose of the strategic options review process is to identify current, available opportunities to implement the company's long-term strategy in order to maximise its value.

A review of strategic options based on maximising value for owners may be undertaken in situations such as:

  • in connection with acquisitions / takeovers being considered by the company;

  • the creation of joint ventures with new partners / investors;

  • new investments to support organic growth;

  • a decision to sell part of the shares by the current owners;

  • the decision to prepare for a tender offer for the company's shares and a potential de-listing of the company.

Such analyses often involve external advisors (BIG4 companies, investment banks, investment boutiques) and are supplemented with the necessary valuations, financial modelling or opinions on the financial terms of the transaction, especially in the situation of a public tender offer for the shares of the company to which the analysis relates.

We write more about the application of SECUDO's Virtual Data Room in capital market transactions such as IPOs, SPOs, ABB, Tender Offer in another article on our blog:

The review of strategic options typically looks at how the company can grow and improve its competitive capabilities, particularly with regard to the options available in areas related to operations, financing and investment activities.

It is worth noting that, in the case of public companies, such a process should also be adequately communicated to the company's existing investors. For more on the use of SECUDO's Virtual Data Room in investor relations, see another article on our blog:

Why use SECUDO's Virtual Data Room in the strategic options review process?

A strategic options review usually involves working with advisers, banks, investors and often competitors. The process always involves handing over key financial and business information to advisers in the form of documents that constitute company secrets and competitive advantages. These are confidential documents that should not fall into the wrong hands, especially in the case of a publicly listed company.

SECUDO's Virtual Data Room ensures adequate security and confidentiality of the documents and data provided by the company. When planning the process of reviewing strategic options, it is worth preparing the whole process from the beginning as a project in VDR SECUDO and defining the whole process, schedule, user groups and documents.

The modern VDR SECUDO allows increasing the efficiency of the work of advisors and people dedicated to the project within the company, but most importantly, it ensures adequate security of data and documents shared with individual user groups.

The benefits of using the SECUDO Virtual Data Room for the review of strategic options are primarily:

  • Virtual Data Room SECUDO is a friendly and fast system for projects requiring secure and confidential sharing of project documentation, which can be launched and prepared in a very short time;

  • preparation and monitoring of shared project documentation in a single, secure location in the form of SECUDO Virtual Data Room;

  • the possibility of preparing different groups of users (company employees, consultants, lawyers, investors, banks), inviting and granting different rights to documents for particular groups or users;

  • full control over project documents with security features such as document encryption, dynamic watermarks, no downloading, special viewers for sensitive documents, document versioning or monitoring of any activity/events on documents;

  • effective organisation of project work in the form of schedules, milestones, tasks and checklists in accordance with the Kanban methodology;

  • analysis of the activity of individual groups of users showing their involvement and interest in the project and in individual sections of the documents, particularly useful for verifying the interest of investors in a given company;

  • the ability to communicate the review of strategic options with the company's existing investors as part of investor relations, in the case of a public company;

  • detailed advisor activity reports extremely useful in due diligence processes and potential post-transaction litigation;

  • VDR SECUDO is a very cost-effective solution and does not significantly increase the cost of the entire strategic options review process for the company.

About us

DealDone is a specialised company offering high-quality products in the field of information and data security. We offer services and software in the field of modern technologies for the circulation of confidential information, classified information, sensitive data and the digitalisation, security, encryption and sharing of data and documents inside and outside the organisation.

DealDone has independently developed and marketed the SECUDO system. SECUDO is a platform for secure exchange and processing of confidential information offered in the Software-as-a-Service model for business customers.

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