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Why do professionals work with the SECUDO VDR?

For more than 11 years we have gathered transactional and project experience working with advisors, banks, lawyers and entrepreneurs. Virtual Data Room SECUDO is a refined, secure, intuitive and fast tool created by professionals for professionals. By choosing VDR SECUDO you enter the world of effective, confidential, fast due diligence projects, M&A transactions, R&D projects, legal or real estate projects. SECUDO means unlimited possibilities for confidential communication and document sharing in a secure and encrypted way. Enter the world of VDR SECUDO and effectively carry out your projects or transactions.

User-friendly interface

At VDR SECUDO, we attach great importance to the so-called user experience, i.e. the user's experience when working in our system. It is supposed to be intuitive, fast, effective and secure. Most of our new customers start using VDR SECUDO without user training. The transparency of the system and its functionalities is our asset and competitive advantage. In today's world, there is no time for time-consuming implementation into the working tools, and our job is to prepare the client for the work and project here and now. We often do this in a matter of minutes and a short online training session.


Security is our top priority. From providing the right infrastructure for a SaaS solution, to access configuration, 2FA two-factor authentication, appropriate file encryption, secure viewers, dynamic watermarks, IP address restrictions or SpyView, SECUDO's VDR meets the most stringent requirements set for financial institutions or recommended by regulators.


VDR SECUDO offers detailed access control, allowing administrators to define specific permissions for each user or user group. This level of control ensures that documents are only accessible to authorised individuals and provides the appropriate flexibility required during M&A processes, due diligence or other projects.

Q&A module - effective project communication

The Q&A module allows user groups to easily create, manage, track and answer a large number of questions about a project or transaction. Among other things, the module allows the number of questions for each group to be limited and analyses to be carried out on individual areas of interest. A complete history of Q&A correspondence is available for monitoring and possible legal conflicts.

Reports, analyses and notifications

VDR SECUDO allows a detailed analysis of user activity, documents, search phrases or documents. Such a tool enables effective management of the transaction process, typing of probable buyers or identification of risk areas in a project. Additionally, VDR SECUDO provides a possibility to configure notifications regarding new documents, questions and answers in Q&A and other events.

Project archiving

Every project or transaction ends at some point. This stage usually requires the archiving of all activities, users, permissions and documents. In VDR SECUDO, the administrator can prepare a project archive at any time, confident that the data will reflect the history and scope of information as of a given date. Archiving takes place quickly and does not affect the current operation of the system.


VDR SECUDO is a fine-tuned solution to support the confidential exchange and sharing of documents. The system is used in transactions and projects that require special confidentiality, security and process control. These include M&A transactions, real estate transactions, due diligence processes or R&D projects. VDR SECUDO is used by transaction advisors, BIG4, investment banks, law firms, public institutions and private and public companies. We encourage you to take a look at our offer and use VDR SECUDO in your project or transaction. In addition to a world-class solution, we guarantee professional service and support at every stage of your project.

About us

DealDone is a specialised company offering high quality information and data security products. We offer digitisation services and software in the field of modern technologies for the circulation of confidential information, classified information, sensitive data and the digitisation, security, encryption and sharing of data and documents inside and outside the organisation.

For more than 10 years, DealDone has specialised in providing solutions related to the digitisation, archiving and sharing of documents in the form of Document Management System (DMS) or Virtual Data Room (VDR). The company has independently developed and marketed the SECUDO VDR system. SECUDO is a platform for secure digitisation, archiving, sharing and processing of corporate documents and data offered in the cloud, in a Software-as-a-service model, for business customers.

DealDone also owns the portals and, through which it supports transaction processes related to selling a company, raising capital and finding investors for a project.

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